A compliance pioneer

The management approach of our organization has a marked preventive character and with a clear anticipation of the risks. For this reason, in 2015, Grupo Sesé pioneered one of the first Compliance Program (Crime Prevention and Ethical Management Model of the Company) in Spain.

The purpose of our Compliance Model is:
– Serve as a means of preventing the commission of criminal acts by the Group’s staff.
– Exercise due control over their activity, thus complying with the requirement contemplated in the Penal Code.

As a preparation of the Model, an external and independent analysis was made in the area of ​​Crime Prevention and Anticorruption, as well as a complete risk map for 100% of the Group’s activities, both in Spain and abroad. Grupo Sesé arranges and manages a Crime Prevention Model that is mainly based on an Ethics Committee as an internal control and management body, and on a Compliance Manual composed of a set of documents that establish the guidelines for action.

Reference Audit SQAS 2018

Results in % above European average

The compliance model was audited against SQAS reference standard with excellent results. Compared the European average under the same reference standard these were the results:

Logo SQAS Blue NB
Icon Fair business Blue NB
0 %
Score above EU average on
fair trade practices
Icon risk management Blue NB
0 %
Score above EU average on
risk management
Icon human and labour rights Blue NB
0 %
Score above EU average on
labour- and human rights
Icon Audit Blue NB
Demerits based on
OEM client audits 2015-2018

“To give a true service, you must add something that can not be bought or measured with money. And that something is sincerity and integrity”

Confidential complaints channel

Haga clic en el icono de correo para comunicar por correo electrónico de forma anónima con el departamento de Compliance.​

Grupo Sesé has a completely confidential complaints channel that can be used to transmit for doubts, suggestions for improvement of the model or complaints regarding alleged behaviors that go against the principles and rules of the organization’s model.

This is the work scheme when a complaint is activated through the ethical channel:


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