Your full service logistics provider in the UK

  • Provide Inbound and Outbound Logistics Services.
  • Experienced in quality control, Warehouse Management Systems and AGVs.
  • Specialise in Lean Management and Continuous Improvement.

SESÉ UK Services

Inbound Logistics

  • Unloading of HGVs with recycled paper and Plastics.
  • Grading of paper according to quality.
  • Stacking and storage of recycled paper.
  • Supply of paper to the production lines.

Outbound Logistics

  • Receiving finished product from Saicas production line.
  • Management of the preparation of customer orders.
  • Loading outbound customer deliveries and dealing with customer returns.
  • Dealing with weight differences, reel repairs, product relabelling, reject material.
Foreman in workwear and in protective glasses controlling the quality of iron pipes and measuring it with instrument in the plant

Quality Control

  • Booking in of paper material.
  • Quality Inspection of inbound paper supply.
  • Dealing with reject material.
  • Control of Fibre Testing Operation to measure contamination and moisture.
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AGV and Systems (Automatic Guided Vehicles)

  • Management of the automatic warehouse.
  • Dealing with conveyor breakdowns.
  • First Line Maintenance for AGVs.
  • Daily stock checks, stock adjustments and stock rotation.
  • Consumption analysis, grading analysis, customer reporting.

Lean Management

  • Six Sigma and Lean Experts.
  • Successful deployment of Kaizen Improvement Workshops.
  • Business Plan and KPI deployment.
  • Team Leader Information Board deployment.
  • 20% Improvement in loading and Unloading Performance (Main customer KPIs).

SESÉ UK'S Philosophy

Our customers and their needs are at the heart of how we operate.

The following principles guide our actions:

  • We are transparent, open and fair
  • We identify with our customers and their needs.
  • We rely on flat hierarchies and operate with efficient and cost-conscious processes.
  • Naturally, we adhere to applicable laws and regulations, complemented by our internal compliance systems.
  • We design our logistics systems to be eco-friendly and we aim to contribute positively to society through the way we do business.
  • We continually invest in the technical training of our people and in the attraction and retention of professional talent. Our human capital is our great differential, combining people and a solid and efficient methodology for the planning and execution of projects, we offer a wide variety of logistic services in a highly competitive way.

SESÉ UK in numbers

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With a strong internal IT department we are able support and continuously develop our PLUS system providing optimal logistics management, client visibility and process automations. Read more about about our system capabilities.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Through logistical optimization, but also through the use of technology such as SMART driving and investment in a modern fleet. Read more about our commitment to the planet.

Social Responsibility

A strong commitment to social issues. Through the Sesé Foundation we actively work for the accessibility and real integration of the most vulnerable groups. Fundación Sesé and our corporate volunteer program allow us to help and improve the local communities where we operate.


As we have grown our success has also been formally recognised more and more often through various local, regional, national and international awards. We are proud of our achievements and excited to see them recognised in the form of awards.