Automotive solutions


Trusted by worlds major OEMs

Grupo Sese is a leading service provider for SKD and CKD solutions both in the dis-assembly and the packaging as well as re-assembly. We complete these services on a global level for multiple OEMs managing to world class standards of quality.

We can engineer and deliver a solution including all machinery requirements and packaging or follow your specification. We can work with clients on bespoke solutions and enhance their quality and efficency.


  • Collection of vehicles from assembly point
  • Receipt and check of vehicles
  • Dis-assembly
  • Packaging solutions
  • Custom clearence
  • Shipping (Intermodal, road, ocean)
  • Vehicle re-assembly
  • Testing & quality checks
  • Vehicle delivery
  • Bespoke solutions
  • CKD
  • MKD
  • SKD


“Contact me to find out more about our automotive SKD / CKD solutions. Fill in the contact form below and we will be in touch with you”

“In this project, it has been essential to have a qualified business partners with high logistical standards and industrial experience.

Grupo Sesé has provided flexibility and adaptability, as well as its international experience, required in a business with these high quality demands, thus becoming a key element of the process.”

Roberto Goñi Ruiz

FK / XKD and International Traffic

VW group

Other related services

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Control of the full process of receipt, storage, order preparation and on time and sequenced delivery to client production lines ensuring uninterrupted service.

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Supplier Management

The integrated management of client´s supplier including material scheduling, collection planning and execution and monitoring and providing visibility.​

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Spare Parts Management

Customised solutions for the handling of any spare parts operation finding the right balance between service levels and costs.​


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Through logistical optimization, but also through the use of technology such as SMART driving and investment in a modern fleet. Read more about our commitment to the planet.


We are always at the forefront of technical innovations. As an example Grupo Sese was the first operator of Duo trailers in Spain. Read more about of continuous commitment to improvement and innovation


Protecting our most important asset: people.Through training, audits and continuous improvement we get ever to our goal: zero accidents. Read more about how we work on safety and well being every day.


People are at the core of our success. With a global team of more than 9000 FTE we pride ourselves in attracting and retaining the best people in the logistics industry. Our people make the difference every day all over the world.