Road Transportation

All modes across the globe...

Grupo Sesé covers all your transportation needs. With a large own fleet supplemented by subscontractors we can meet all road requirements – all managed via our software and control tower.

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A large own fleet supplemented with long term subcontractors ensures we have a reliable network for all you FTL needs.

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LTL / Groupage

With a strong partner network we cover all your groupage and LTL requirements. Inbound collection and consolidation, trunking and outbound deliveries.

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Package and express services ensuring timely and cost effective delivery to your clients. We ensure full control and visibility over your distribution.


Optimal mix of own equipment, long term suncontractors and spot buys allow us to provide a flexible, cost effective solution to meet every transportation need.


As an IATA certified agent we provide world class service with a dedicated group of professional ensuring each individual shipment get the attention it requires.


Inhouse expertise augmented by a global network of forwarding agents allows us to provide global coverage and quality service anywhere in the world.