Supply chain management


True partnership requires trust and commitment

We believe that providing excellent logistics solutions requires expertise, long term commitment and trust. This commitment and trust is exemplified by the fact that many of the partnerships with our clients extend well beyond 10 years. In many cases we have evolved from a “simple” logistics provider to a lead logistics partner.

Expanding the relationship to that of an Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) or even a 4th Party Logistics Provider (4PL) enables us to function as a true partner to our client with a continuous focus on quality of service, overall costs, sustainability and continuous improvement. 


  • Understanding of current and future requirements
  • Future proof solutions design
  • Dedicated implementation team
  • State of the art technology
  • Longer term commitment
  • True partnership
  • Better logistics control
  • Variabilisation of your logistics costs
  • Optimal balance between service and costs
  • Sustainability
  • Options for shared savings
  • Focus on continuous improvement


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Excellent logistics requires partnership, trust and a long term commitment 

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Integrated Logistics

Management of your complete supply chain from end to end. Leveraging our expertise, people and systems to offer your full control of your logistics.

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Solution Design

Make use of our logistics expertise and engineering teams to design your supply chain. We do not just design the solution, we also provide implementation and execution capabilities.

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Whether devising your future supply chain strategy or just finding the best locations for your inventory. We provide consulting services from boardroom to operational level.


With a strong internal IT department we are able support and continuously develop our PLUS system providing optimal logistics management, client visibility and process automations. Read more about about our system capabilities.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Through logistical optimization, but also through the use of technology such as SMART driving and investment in a modern fleet. Read more about our commitment to the planet.

Social Responsibility

A strong commitment to social issues. Through the Sesé Foundation we actively work for the accessibility and real integration of the most vulnerable groups. Fundación Sesé and our corporate volunteer program allow us to help and improve the local communities where we operate.


As we have grown our success has also been formally recognised more and more often through various local, regional, national and international awards. We are proud of our achievements and excited to see them recognised in the form of awards.