Supply chain management


From strategy to plan to execution

Improving your current supply chain may require more than just changing some providers or reducing costs here and there. Sometimes you need to step back and look at the current situation and decide how to proceed to meet overall company objectives. This can be by looking at a particular location´s logistics, analysing a transportation network or looking at cost structures. But is can also be be designing a full supply chain strategy and translating that into concrete plans and execution. Grupo Sesé functions as your partner for any strategic logistics challenge.


  • Current state assessments
  • Cost and service analysis
  • Defining of strategic logistics goals
  • Designing Supply chain strategies
  • Supply chain transformation
  • Systems integration
  • Implementations


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Integrated Logistics

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Serving as your single point of contact and a logistics extension of your organisation through LLP or 4PL solutions ensuring scaleability and reliability.

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Solution Design

Make use of our logistics expertise and engineering teams to design your supply chain. We do not just design the solution, we also provide implementation and execution capabilities.

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Integrated Logistics

Management of your complete supply chain from end to end. Leveraging our expertise, people and systems to offer your full control of your logistics.


With a strong history in the automotive sector quality assurance and certifications are a must. Read more about our commitment to quality and the recognition our clients as a first class provider.

Social Responsibility

A strong commitment to social issues. Through the Sesé Foundation we actively work for the accessibility and real integration of the most vulnerable groups. Fundación Sesé and our corporate volunteer program allow us to help and improve the local communities where we operate.


As we have grown our success has also been formally recognised more and more often through various local, regional, national and international awards. We are proud of our achievements and excited to see them recognised in the form of awards.


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