Adding value to the Supply Chain

The logistics sector has experienced a revolution in recent years and at Grupo Sesé we have been able to adapt ourselves to this change providing unique solutions according to the needs of our clients and presenting means, systems and innovative proposals, which have brought big improvements to their logistics processes.

Sesé is in a privileged position to provide a complete range of services, which add value to the Supply Chain; carry out the management of purchases, their transport to the warehouse, the storage, the preparation of orders, their distribution to the customers, line sequencing, deliveries JIT, invoicing, etc.

Today we can say that Grupo Sesé is a first-level Logistics Operator, with enough capacity to meet the different needs and fulfill customers’ requirements. Our identity is based on the orientation to propose improvements, solving and executing successfully the logistics processes that are required by our clients.

Designing, implementing and managing logistics solutions is a major part of our business. We manage more than 1,5 million square meters of warehousing space. Inbound management supplier collections, cross docking, warehousing and outbound solutions enable us to be truly integrated partners with our clients. The main logistics services we provide are:

  • Supplier management
  • Warehousing and Cross docking
  • Inventory management
  • Order preparation
  • Picking, packing, kitting
  • Just in Time and Sequenced line feeding
  • Reverse logistics
  • Engineering services

Our internal engineering department provides the expertise and experience to design and implement innovative solutions. These end to end solutions provide full visibility in the supply chain with our PLUS system giving greater control and an ability to meet ever more complex requirements

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Warehouse operation and management for any type of industry and product. Both external and in-house operations at client facilities.

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Cross Docking

Operation and management of cross dock facilities to ensure timely and accurate (de-)consolidation and flow through of in- and outbound components and products.

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Sequencing / JIT

Control of the full process of receipt, storage, order preparation and on time and sequenced delivery to client production lines ensuring uninterrupted service.

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Team of experienced engineers supported by tools able to design and implement bespoke solutions for any logistics requirement.

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Value added services

Variety of additional services to complement the logistics operations such as kitting, batching, light assembly and quality checks.


Our proprietary LMS gives us and our clients full control and visibility over the supply chain. It allows for a high degree of automation and integration.

Engineering team

A large team of experienced engineers covering all aspects of the supply chain allows us to be a true partner for any client regardless of the complexity.


A solution is only as good as its implementation. After designing the optimal solution we actively and intensively manage the implementation ensuring potential results are realised.


People, systems and processes are the corner stones of any successful solution.