Industrial Services

Value Added Manufacturing

Extension of your manufacturing capabilities

We add value by engineering and installing automated production into the supply chain such as Assembly, Injection moulding, Cable manufacture, Electrical and mechanical component assembly and manufacture.

The benefits of being both logistics experts and having the ability to engineer manufacturing solutions enables Sese to add value to your supply chain.
We can engineer and deploy solutions which fit into the supply chain and benefit the final assembly or manufacturing process by reducing cost increasing efficiency and reducing space requirements and inventory for our valued clients.

Our Industrial services solution engineers will be happy to look at providing innovative solutions to benefit your cost base and process capability.


  • Design and installation of automated assembly lines
  • Robotic and multi axis machine manufacturing and sub assembly
  • Subassembly of component parts in the supply chain and the delivery in sequence
  • Plastic Extrusion manufacturing
  • assembly of supplier parts
  • Quality assurance
  • Painting parts in supply chain and sequencing


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We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Through logistical optimization, but also through the use of technology such as SMART driving and investment in a modern fleet. Read more about our commitment to the planet.


We are always at the forefront of technical innovations. As an example Grupo Sese was the first operator of Duo trailers in Spain. Read more about of continuous commitment to improvement and innovation


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