Industrial Services

The power of integration

Through our industrial services we provide optimised production, assembly and quality assurance processes which complement out logistics services. This allows us to function as a high quality tier 1 supplier to some of the world´s leading OEM´s. By integrating the design, production, assembly, and logistics handling we are able to control the full process and ensure the best quality functioning as an extension of our client manuafcturing and production processes.

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An additional value added service to our logistics clients we serve as tier 1 supplier providing full assembly services using a variety of techniques.

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Value added manufacturing

Adding value by engineering and installing automated production into the supply chain such as Assembly, Injection moulding and Cable manufacture.

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Production engineering

From Bespoke tailor made solutions to individual production requirements we can study and engineer a solution for you.

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Turnkey solutions for the relocation and/or re-design of production lines. With an experienced team of engineers we can design, plan and execute any industrial relocation project.


Functioning as an extension to our client´s engineering departments they are able to leverage our expertise.


Operating in house with our clients anywhere around the world and investing in long term relationships.

Vertical integration

Providing high quality services allows us to vertically integrate with our clients and enter into true partnerships that add value to all parties.


True engineering and production partnerships require commitment and investment.