We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence therefor, is not an act, it is a habit.

Since 1999, the year of the first certification under ISO 9001, Grupo Sesé has permanently innovated in its management processes, adapting them to the changes and demands of the sector and its customers, and turning quality into the standard of our company.

The work methods were adapted and improved as our company grew and changed. In 2004, Management decided to change the traditional structure based on functional departments that made client orientation difficult, and move to a proces based organsation with the clients as the main point of focus.

Since then, Grupo Sesé has built a solid, robust, multi-site management system, capable of responding to the most demanding standards and requirements in the market.

True to a company philosophy based on quality of service, self-demand and continuous improvement and with a clear focus on excellence, in Grupo Sesé we manage our processes with a permanent focus on the needs and expectations of its stakeholders: clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders, banks and society.

Road to excellence - Achievements and certifications


In Grupo Sesé we established our sustainability strategy taking into account the interests, requirements and expectations of our Stakeholders. Our commitment to these groups is firm, as can be seen from the implementation of our Strategic Plan and in the fulfillment its objectives. At Grupo Sesé we are committed to principles and initiatives that cover different areas of social reality in the search for improvement, quality and sustainability:

  • Certification according to recognised standards, norms or models in areas of quality, prevention or environment.
  • Adhesion, participation and / or sponsorship of initiatives in the social, technological or environmental field.
  • Adhesion and / or participation in business and / or technology associations.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 16949

VDA 6.3

IATF 16949


William A. Foster

“Quality never is an accident”

It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Quality in numbers

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Workforce working under IATF16949 standard
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Employees working under VDA 6.3


With a strong internal IT department we are able support and continuously develop our PLUS system providing optimal logistics management, client visibility and process automations. Read more about about our system capabilities.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Through logistical optimization, but also through the use of technology such as SMART driving and investment in a modern fleet. Read more about our commitment to the planet.

Social Responsibility

A strong commitment to social issues. Through the Sesé Foundation we actively work for the accessibility and real integration of the most vulnerable groups. Fundación Sesé and our corporate volunteer program allow us to help and improve the local communities where we operate.


As we have grown our success has also been formally recognised more and more often through various local, regional, national and international awards. We are proud of our achievements and excited to see them recognised in the form of awards.