The University of Zaragoza (UZ) and the Sesé Group have come together to form the Sesé Professorship, which aims to develop innovative solutions for the supply chain with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint. As the Sesé Group we try to make growth compatible with social and environmental responsibility. We believe that innovation is the right way to achieve this.

At Grupo Sesé we are aware that the most important element of an organization is the people who form the organisation. Talent and teamwork are essential to be leaders in any activity, and we believe that the creation of the Sesé Professorship of the University of Zaragoza, is a great way to support this goal.

Focus points


Investigation, development and cooperation

In this focus area, three different topics will be developed: Research, through participation in research and innovation projects; Development, through the realization of doctoral theses, development of online platforms and collaboration of academic institutions; and Cooperation, which will include collaboration with local institutions, companies and international networks, as well as the sponsorship of testing- and research laboratories, or the recognition of master’s and doctoral theses through different awards.



Proposal of free elective subjects and complementary academic activities, the possibility of collaborating in a Master in Management and Management of Freight Transport, or the management of summer courses.


Promotion and Dissemination

Participation in the preparation and editing of textbooks, the publication of the Blue Book of Transport or the organization of informative conferences and congresses.

Mixed Commission

The commission of the new Professorship, presents as its Director Emilio Larrodé, Professor of Engineering and Infrastructure of Transport.

On behalf of Grupo Sesé:

  • Ms. Ana Sesé Asensio, Vice President of the group – President of the Professorship
  • Mr. Álvaro Sarria Santamera, Director of the Transportation Division

On the part of the University of Zaragoza:

  • Mr. Luis Navarro Elola, professor of Business Organization – Secretary of the Professorship.
  • Mr. Francisco Serón Arbeloa, Vice Chancellor of Foresight, Sustainability and Infrastructure


With a strong history in the automotive sector quality assurance and certifications are a must. Read more about our commitment to quality and the recognition our clients as a first class provider.

Social Responsibility

A strong commitment to social issues. Through the Sesé Foundation we actively work for the accessibility and real integration of the most vulnerable groups. Fundación Sesé and our corporate volunteer program allow us to help and improve the local communities where we operate.


As we have grown our success has also been formally recognised more and more often through various local, regional, national and international awards. We are proud of our achievements and excited to see them recognised in the form of awards.


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