Quality and Excellence

Políticas de Gestión Calidad y Excelencia

Ever since 1999, the year the first certificate under the standard ISO 9001 was awarded, Grupo Sesé has been permanently innovating its management processes, adapting them to the changes and demands of the sector and its customers, and making quality the company's hallmark.

The working system has been adapted and improved in line with the company's growth and changes, making a turnaround in 2004 when the Management decided to exceed the traditional structure based on functional departments which hindered customer orientation, and committed to implement management by processes. Hence, Grupo Sesé has been working since 2004 under a management by processes system which is standardised and common to all its activities and operation centres.

True to its company philosophy based on service quality, self-demand and continuing improvement, and with a clear focus on excellence, Grupo Sesé manages its processes with a permanent focus on the needs and expectations of customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society.