How do we work? Organization and innovation

A company like ours, with presence in 15 countries; over 50 different work centres; providing extraordinarily personalised services for thousands of customers, and in activities as diverse as Transport, Logistics, Industrial Services (Painting, Assembly and Injection) can only make everything run smoothly through clearly defined planning, organisation and management.

This means that the people, teams, the group can work in a coordinated manner with defined objectives and goals, and therefore we have a Shared Structure for the group as a whole making us more agile, efficient and more competitive.

To keep one step ahead, we have to be in permanent Innovation; Technological Innovation with our resources, our systems, our processes, but also our philosophy, which, although it maintains the essence that has brought us where we are today, is adapted to the changes and innovations we are constantly developing.

Excellence and Quality are fundamental objectives each department pursues, both in operations and in structure. And in terms of the Environment, Prevention and Risks; these are areas where we have assigned resources and means for many years, and we continue to achieve continuous improvement indexes.

Our efforts and commitment are not only in our company and the undertaking of our daily activity, but they go beyond that to the outside and towards the society surrounding us, through our foundation, "Fundación Sesé" that channels the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility.

Efficient, COMPETITIVE, Respectful and Committed