GRUPO SESÉ announced a partnership with APL Logistics (“APLL”), a go-to global supply chain specialist for companies in the Automotive, Consumer, Industrials, and Retail sectors.

The two companies collaborate to address the growing demand for improved end-to-end supply chain visibility and innovative transportation offerings from origin to destination.

In a time of high volatility and disruption, companies must rapidly adapt their business models and supply chain ecosystems. Efficiency is critical and having unified visibility across the supply chain allows customers to operate efficiently, respond quickly to risks, make smarter business decisions.

This collaboration begins with a fruitful and successful project for an important global benchmark in the retail / textile sector. 
We have set up -from “0” in a record time-, a facility located in Amsterdam of more than 15,000 m2. From there, we will also serve clients from all over the continent. 

“This is an exciting opportunity for Grupo Sesé and APL Logistics to move forward into a new generation of supply chain management solutions. Our complimentary services and expertise will deliver a seamless experience across our customers‘ supply chains . Beyond Europe, this alliance will develop new services and business opportunities in Asia, North America and Latin America, where we have recently incorporated a great team “

Alfonso Sesé, President of Grupo Sesé

The partnership provides Grupo Sese customers with access to APLL’s global Order Management solutions and conversely provides best-in-class distribution and land-side services for APLL customers in Europe.

Grupo Sesé’s competitive strength lies in its ability to deliver holistic, innovative transportation offerings such as drones, the duo- and giga-trailers, platooning, and SMART driving. Freight Forwarding, Contract Logisitcs, Assembly Services or e-commerce solutions are among the array of solutions we offer, always under a strong decarbonization strategy.

The two companies have begun their partnership with a successful case study by implementing a distribution solution for a major apparel customer. The facility, located in the Netherlands, will service customers across Europe and take full advantage of the inbound integrations and processes of the “Grupo Sesé PLUS” solution and “APLL Order Management” solution.