Carlos Giner Vicente, new director of the Corporate Transport Division at Grupo Sesé.

Carlos is from Zaragoza, he has an extraordinary background as an industrial engineer and a MBA. He has extensive experience with more than 15 years in various in logistics and transport management positions ; in companies such as General Motors or GEFCO, where he has most recently served as 4PL director.

“I am confident that I can provide the team and the transport division with a model for the future, based on new technologies, that allows us to accompany our clients in their digital expansion and in the development of a sustainable environment. I’m happy for this opportunity and very grateful for having facilitated an orderly transfer with my predecessor, Álvaro Sarría. Without a doubt, it’s a luxury to have had Álvaro’s experience, from which the Corporate Commercial Management will benefit from now on”.

Carlos Giner

Carlos replaces Alvaro Sarría Santamera, who has been holding this position for the last 4 years and who will now perform the duties of corporate commercial director.

“Carlos is an excellent professional and an exceptional person whom we know from his previous positions of responsibility and who will surely achieve the objectives of service, quality, business and profitability of the corporate division of Transportation in Sesé. For me it’s a source of pride and It’s a personal satisfaction that Carlos is the one who replaces me in these functions; he has my full support and also that of the organization”

Álvaro Sarría