Branches Around the World

In 1994 Hermanos Sesé S.L. was incorporated in Urrea de Gaén (Teruel), to take over and continue the activity that Alfonso Sesé Tena had started 30 years earlier, as a buyer and seller and haulier of agricultural products.

Right from the start, 25 years ago, there have been many natural milestones and growth stages of the Group, but there have been 2 clear stages: the first 10 years when activity was mostly concentrated in Spain, during which the Principal Transport Division for the Consumer Goods Sector became consolidated, opening branches at different sites around Spain and starting the Logistics Division with clients in the Automobile industry. 

In the last 15 years, growth has been exceptional, in terms of number of customers, services, location and international presence.

Today we have Branches, Outposts, Work Centres, Warehouses, Workshops and Gas Stations providing support to the organisation and facilitating the Group's operations wherever they are required so that we are able to provide our services of: