Sectors in which Grupo Sesé is present

Our clients are found all over the world and they carry out many different business activities; but it is true that we have managed to group most of them under the Consumer Industry and Industrial headings and the Automobile sector; being able to add other customers who, regardless of the sector they operate in, have decided to carry out their sales via the Internet, and we consequently identify a fourth group, namely: e-commerce.

For some customers who require the supply chain to be perfectly synchronised with their complex production structures and processes, we act as Supply Chain Solution Provider, designing and providing logistics solutions via sophisticated technology developed in-house by us.

For any others whose needs are not so closely related to their production processes, such as Logistics and Distribution, we provide and develop our own solutions.

For customers who mainly require our Transport department, we have the most efficient, innovative resources; with the best-defined, scheduled routes, and the best-trained professionals and experts.