Packaging and Industrial Services, Automotive Industry

Seven years have gone by since in Grupo Sesé we took an important step forward within our Strategic Plan; a strong and powerful step -but not without risks- since we made the decision to create a new business line: The Department of Industrial Services. This was carried out in 2 stages; a first stage with the creation of Sesé Integra, doing pre-assemblies and assemblies for just one client and a second stage with the transformation and creation of Palau Automotive Manufacturing where there are currently several projects being carried out for different clients.

Today it can be said that this was a good choice which has been confirmed and consolidated so that the Department of Industrial Services, perfectly complements the departments of Transport and Logistics; which has positioned us, the Group and companies which make up the Group in the sector and in the market, as a first-level all-round 4PL Logistics Operator; perfectly capable of tackling any project, anywhere in the world and with the maximum solvency and guarantees.

The best proof of this are the different projects and clients, from various sectors and with very demanding quality standards, who are trusting and including Grupo Sesé in their projects in which the pre-assemblies, assemblies and added value operations

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