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Inhouse team and systems provide full control

The IT department of Grupo Sesé has always been driven by an operational focus, with our inhouse management software developed specifically for Grupo Sesé’s operations. Started with transport & warehouse management modules it has since been expanded to supply chain management and now industrial manufacturing modules.

Operating with our own systems gives us a flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of each client in their operation. This makes that our systems clearly add value to our customers and the set us apart from our from our competitors.
In addition, Grupo Sesé has created its Innovation area in order to incorporate the latest technology applicable to the systems, products and services of the organization.

PLUS system

PLUS is our in House logistical management system. It offers visibility at all levels, with specialised modules tailored to specific client needs. The fact that it is our own system allows us to customise where needed and ensure smooth and timely client implementations.  The PLUS system consists of four main modules:

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WMS module

PLUS WMS module is able to handle any daily warehousing operations. Just in Time, JIS, SKD, CKD, Crossdocking are all handled by this module. It is a flexible and customizable cloud based solution. Available in multiple languages it allows our clients to access to any needed information in real time.

PLUS can be integrated with any IT platform or ERP solution (e.g. SAP, MS Dynamics, etc.). It is a proven solution with many of our major OEMs and Tier1 clients.

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TMS module

The PLUS Transport module is our global transportation management system (TMS). It handles all the daily operations of our transport and fleet divisions globally. PLUS integrates with the customers’ and suppliers’ system to automatically share information.

Additionally, it has customer and supplier portals to give visibility on past shipment information and status on current shipments in real time. This allows users to interact with the system directly.

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MMS module

Guru is our in-house sequencing and optimization system. It provides users clear visibility of products stocks and usage.

This module provides increased productivity, operational stability, task optimisation and product track and trace. 

This application can also be coupled with RFID tag technology to increase and improve specific sequencing control and product visibility.

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Control Tower

The Control Tower of Sesé is a great example of how we adapt to the needs and demands of our customers. In an industry where time and visibility are key. We have developed the Control Tower, a tool for managing resources and visibility where different actors in the supply chain can share information in real time and obtain indicators of the level of service.

This tool has even been adopted internally by our clients.

Global visibility

At Grupo Sesé all our systems are dedicated to providing our customers the best visibility of their supply chain. Knowledge is power and nothing is more powerful than our integrated alerts system. You can configure your alerts to your specific needs. Receive SMS or mail alerts as soon as your stock is getting low or something not adding up between your orders and follow. Stop a problem before it even becomes ones…..


In an effort to increase productivity and reduce our CO2 emissions, Sesé has developed Smart Driving. A system that analyzes routes and driving patterns and, based on these data, gives the drivers instructions on how to perform their route (speeds, breaks, refueling and other information of interest) optimizing productivity to the maximum and reducing consumption but at the same time complying with the schedules agreed with the client.

With Smart Driving we have managed to make drivers realize more billable KM and reduce their emissions. Furthermore, the application provides a higher level of monitoring for our traffic managers, while the driver achieves his goals.

Smart Driving

Reduced emissions

Reduced costs

Increased billable kilometres

……while complying with client schedules

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We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Through logistical optimization, but also through the use of technology such as SMART driving and investment in a modern fleet. Read more about our commitment to the planet.


We are always at the forefront of technical innovations. As an example Grupo Sese was the first operator of Duo trailers in Spain. Read more about of continuous commitment to improvement and innovation


Protecting our most important asset: people.Through training, audits and continuous improvement we get ever to our goal: zero accidents. Read more about how we work on safety and well being every day.


People are at the core of our success. With a global team of more than 9000 FTE we pride ourselves in attracting and retaining the best people in the logistics industry. Our people make the difference every day all over the world.