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Innovation is in our DNA

Innovation has been in the DNA of Sesé since it´s origin. Always pushing to implement new technologies and ways of working. Breaking norms and even helping to shape logistical legislation. In this high speed technological environment it´s essential for companies to stay up-to-date with the market.

The innovation department´s mission is to investigate and apply the latest technologies. To keep pushing the sustainable and forward thinking development of our services . With the objective of bringing our customers the best in class solutions to meet their logistical needs.

Pick to Voice

As part of our continous improvement initiatives we have implemented pick to voice technology across all of our JIT sequencing operations. Fully integrated with our PLUS WMS system it has lead to major productivity improvements and reduction of errors while improving safety and working conditions. Being intuitive to use and multilingual it requires very short training to get an operator up to speed.

GURU: Sequencing & Real Time Transport Optimization

GURU is a sequencing system integrated into the PLUS WMS system which also allows us to control and track and trace internal warehouse transport operations. Reduction in errors thanks to Poka Yoke mechanisms leads to more stability in operations aswell as increased productivity.

Integrated alert systems

Our systems are equiped with integrated alert systems that allow for preventative measures to avoid e.g. stock outages. Both operators and management can receive predefined alerts allowing them to take action before problems arise – essential in high pressure JIT environments.

Forklift Driver Point System

Innovation within Grupo Sesé does not only touch technology. It also is applied to people and processes. For example, the introduction of a forklift driver points system is a QA method designed to reduce and prevent incidents. Measured by individual driver it has improved safety by reduction of accidents and labour risks and at the same time increased productivity.

Flexi forklift

As part of our goal to be a warehouse provider of reference, we have implemented the use of Flexi Forklifts. The Flexi forklifts are able to operate in 1,6 meters. The results in a 30% increase of useable storage space in the warehouses where it is implemented.

SMART Planning

As a follow up from Smart driving we launched Smart Planning, Using the data we gained from our historical and actual shipments we have created a route optimization software that uses a complex algorithm to optimize the best routes for our drivers while still meeting legislative and client requirements. This software can re-plan all our actual shipments within minutes, thus providing a continuous live and flexible planning.

Leaders in Modular Vehicles

Sese stride’s to be a leading operator in Spain using the latest technologies available in transport. We started by being the first operator to drive a giga trailer in Spain and now we are the first to use a DUO trailer, working with the government to push new legislation. With the Giga trailer we are able to carry 19 tons more or an equivalent to 33 pallets more than a trailer. While providing an estimated 10% less traffic and estimated 20 to 30 % less emissions.


People are at the core of our success. With a global team of more than 9000 FTE we pride ourselves in attracting and retaining the best people in the logistics industry. Our people make the difference every day all over the world.


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Fundacion Sesé

The foundation focusses on a number of social areas with an common objective of promoting inclusivity and integration of those at risk of social exclusion.


With a strong internal IT department we are able support and continuously develop our PLUS system providing optimal logistics management, client visibility and process automations. Read more about about our system capabilities.