In a relatively short time we have grown to become an international logistics solutions provider with a proud history and a ambitious global team.

Grupo Sesé is a fast growing global logistics solutions provided rooted in Spain. With a passionate team of 10.000 people supported by technology and innovation we support fortune 500 companies in 20 countries. Always client focussed and always looking for the best solutions.

Our history

In just 50 years we have evolved from a small trucking firm to a global provider of high tech logistics solutions and services. There is a lot to be proud of but we are not sitting still.

Always at the forefront of logistics technology and innovations we are not done growing and becoming better every day!

Human resources

People are the greatest asset of Grupo Sesé. Our human resources policies are based on tHe commitment to ensure a professional and motivated workforce that works as one team to achiEve the goals set by the organisation.

Employing people with 27 different nationalities in 20 countries we are commited to protecting human right for our employees and in other areas where we may have inflluence like suppliers and clients.


The IT department of Grupo Sesé has always been driven by an operational focus, with our inhouse management software developed specifically for Grupo Sesé’s operations.

Started with transport & warehouse management modules it has since been expanded to supply chain management and now industrial manufacturing modules.


Innovation has been in the DNA of Sesé since it´s origin. Always pushing to implement new technologies and ways of working.

Breaking norms and even helping to shape logistical legislation. In this high speed technological environment it´s essential for companies to stay up-to-date with the market.


We know we are doing well and this is proven by our impressive year over year sustainable growth and profitability. But it is always nice to receive recognition from your clients, peers and industry institutions.

Over the years we have been honoured with many awards from regional and national governments but also from arguably our most critical judges, our clients. We are proud of these awards and they strengthen our believe that we are on the right track.

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