Mission, Vision and Values at Grupo SESÉ


Accompanying your clients, creating value in a sustainable manner in each step of the supply chain with global, transversal and customised services by designing competitive and innovative solutions through:

a profitable and robust business model,

teamwork which combines passion and commitment,

creativity and technology applied to innovation,

excellence in processes and management to maintain the highest level of service quality,

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Our efforts at the Service of our Customers

All-round Logistics Operator
Transport | Logistics | Warehousing

as well as solid, comprehensive and transparent relations with stakeholders.

logo grupo sese

Our efforts at the Service of our Customers

All-round Logistics Operator
Transport | Logistics | Warehousing


Visión 360º Grupo SESÉ

"To position our company as one of the main European leaders in the design and development of integrated supply chain solutions with a solid and profitable business model that generates sustained value"


Valores Grupo SESÉ

Besides passion, effort and thoroughness, at Grupo Sesé we have other values which are well rooted in our culture, which we convey and take on board every day:


A concern for doing good work with motivation to reach and even exceed the established standards through metrics, targets and goals defined by the organisation. It is the ability to drive all actions towards achieving what’s expected, managing established processes so as not to interfere with the achievement of the expected results.


An interest in knowing our client, discovering their needs and identifying their expectations while meeting these requirements:

  • Knowing the qualities of the company’s products and services.
  • Detecting the client’s needs and priorities to seek the best way to satisfy them.
  • Communicating the benefits the organisation can provide to clients (cost savings, more revenue, improved organisation, etc.).
  • Knowing the client’s level of satisfaction at all times.


It’s the ability to carry out duties and responsibilities inherent to the job under quality standards, seeking ongoing improvement and proposing adaptions and improvements for current processes and methods. Sharing their knowledge and expertise with others.


Understood as a feeling of belonging to the Group, identifying with the overall objectives and personal goals and understanding the impact and scope of one’s own decisions and actions on the organisation’s overall performance. This reflects active conduct in individuals who are willing to defend and support the Group, respect its philosophy, policies and rules as well as offer public endorsement.


The harmonious integration of duties and activities carried out by different people where responsibilities are shared by all the members. Teamwork is not the sum of individual contributions but rather the opposite: it’s based on complementarity, coordination, communication, trust and commitment. It means the people in the group have clear objectives and goals and have geared their work towards achieving the Group’s aims.


Establishing relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Showing coherency in all actions, behaviours and words. Taking responsibility for one’s own errors. Being committed to honesty and trust in each facet of one’s behaviour.


Optimising results by identifying, approaching and resolving problems in different ways. We offer original and effective solutions to problems and situations. The ability to establish different knowledge relationships, ask new questions and provide original answers. Understanding breakthroughs as a normal part of improvement processes.


Putting effort into each project. Fostering a spirit of doing better each day to provide clients with solutions available to the organisation. Making a real commitment to the team, the company and the client, always at the worksite, in permanent contact and with constant concern.