Suppliers Portal

Competitiveness means we have to be on constant lookout for the best supplies and services, either through our usual suppliers or with potential ones. Consequently, most of our purchases and contracting is carried out through our Headquarters in Zaragoza, via our General Procurement Department and Transport Procurement Department.

We have enabled 3 portals in this area:
One for General Services Providers where they can download the General Purchase Conditions (GPC) and thus consult the requirements that are established to become Group Suppliers and therefore proceed to supply or contract; and another for Transport Providers where the conditions and necessary requirements to become cooperators with us can be consulted, and also to manage all the documents and relations with the responsible department if they are already providers of these services; and another for Automotive Suppliers, in this section, suppliers in the automotive sector will be able to interact with the Corporate Purchasing Department and access the General Conditions of Purchase of the Group or its subsidiaries.